Product Care

To maintain the high quality of your toy collection and personal hygiene, it is recommended to clean your toys with antibacterial cleaner before and after use, and keep them stored in a protective bag.

Taking care of silicone:

Silicone is one of the most popular materials used at Essence-Boutique. It's soft, smooth, safe, supple and aesthetically pleasing, and a lot of our favourite items are made from this material. It's one of the easiest materials to look after because it's so resilient, but it does need special consideration.
 Cleaning you silicone toys with silicone safe cleaner are a quick and easy way to keep your silicone toys safe and well. Normal wipes, such as baby wipes will deteriorate the quality of the silicone.

Taking care of glass:

Glass is a luxurious material from which to make a sex toy. It's smooth, hard and very resilient, so it's easy to look after. But it does require some special precautions.

Glass is a very hard material; however this also makes it brittle, and easy to scratch. To keep glass toys in excellent condition, you should prevent putting it on and hard surface or floor, use it when on a soft surface, just in case you drop it and always keep it stored in a soft protective bag and clean with anti-bacterial wipes before and after use.

Before use ensure your toy is free from any scratches and chips, as these may be sharp and cause discomfort whilst in use,

Taking care of Jelly:

Jelly or jelly-rubber is still a popular material for many sex toys. Its flexibility means it is a must have material for many rotating toys and cock rings. It will never scratch or chip like glass or metal toys.

The softening process makes jelly rubber porous, which basically means that bacteria can get under the surface of the toy and thrive there. There are two course of action you can take: prevention, and maintenance.

Jelly rubber can't be sterilised, so it's a good idea to spend extra time cleaning it. Avoid bleach and harsh cleaning products. Using our cleaning wipes will be suitable for cleaning and maintaining the quality or jelly products.

Keep your jelly toys stored in a protecting bag, and clean before and after use.